I'm a developer-turned-businessman known for dominating Magento and throwing superlatives into every sentence.

Primarily i'm a developer that got tired of seeing so many agencies producing poor work in and around Nottingham. I decided to do something about this by starting my own agency with a different set of values to those that I saw around me elsewhere.

I created an agency that puts culture first. One that focuses on loving what we do, that cares about every detail throughout the project lifespan and one that will work with clients at all steps throughout our process.

JH: Magento e-commerce experts like no other

JH: Magento e-commerce experts like no other.

Goal focused, award winning, responsive websites.

I started out as somebody working for free for anybody who would let me code for them in 2006. Since then i've come a long way and learned a lot of lessons. Here on this site i'll share my various thoughts over time on these lessons.

In 2010 I published Magento 1.3: PHP Developer's Guide which was only the second Magento development book to be released for the system and remains one of the best selling books on the system.

In addition to this I sit on the Creative Quarter Loan Panel board, where I help advise toward loan decisions.