21 ways to make your Flash based site suck

I’m not a fan of ‘Flash based’ sites and the main reason for that is barely no-one does them properly. So here’s a list of 21 ways to make your Flash based site suck, so that the next time you build a Flash based site you can really hit that nail on the head.

1. A useless splash page is a requirement

If you’ve got a Flash based website and it doesn’t have a next to pointless splash page that tells us nothing it just isn’t a Flash based website to start with. Try adding an “abstract” render with lots of bend modifiers and bright stars… and set it in space… lots and lots of space.

2. The “none Flash” version of your site must contain Flash

“None Flash” is an industry standard term for “use as much Flash as you can” or “a very sucky replica that doesn’t work in any browser”. You don’t want to be doing things that aren’t industry standard do you?

3. Make your site pop-up in a fixed size window using JavaScript

This is a requirement of any sucky Flash based website and if you want to make it that little bit worse please add scroll bars.

4. Always have an animation to “introduce” us to your site

There’s nothing more effective than a poorly animated, or better yet, extremely long “introduction” to a Flash based website to turn a user on. Not only do we enjoy watching it every time we come to the site, but we love it when the skip button doesn’t work.

5. Pre-load everything at once

To make the 5-10mb pre-loading worse, please add a flashing piece of text that spells out LOADING in the middle of your template. By the way, we don’t want to know how much is being loaded, how much has been loaded OR even see a loading bar… those are just ‘flashy’ and not informative to us users at all… right?

6. If not, don’t pre-load anything

As users we don’t like pre-loaders as they ‘slow us down’. Try creating a huge file size and not having a pre-loader, it makes us feel all tingly inside when we guess when the site will load.

7. Make sure that after 10 minutes of waiting, at least one more thing needs to be loaded

Make it the first thing we click on too. Make us really want it!

8. Always use a template

“Isn’t that a template?” – why yes it is. “Isn’t that used on this site, that site and that other one?” – why yes it is!

9. “Techno techno techno techno!” – make sure every piece of graphic on the site is overdone

Lines! We love lines! Why isn’t there more lines? Seriously, give us more lines or I’ll send someone round with a copy of ‘Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’ and make you watch it 15 times in a row with no toilet breaks.

10. Make sure nothing is compressed

We will wait 20 minutes to avoid that difference in quality only a 800% zoom would show us.

11. I shall not anti-alias my text

Readable text isn’t something users want, just ask all those people without screens.

12. Use circles for buttons

Yes circles are practically pointless as buttons, but they sure are curvy.

13. Make sure everything has a roll-over

Please don’t deprive us of this wonderful entertainment. I can from the bottom of my heart say you would be bringing down the web on a whole by removing these. If your site has less than five roll-overs you just aren’t doing it right.

14. Scrap the one click standard and go for five

There’s nothing more I like than clicking, and when I click on a button but have to click five times to make it work – that really makes my day.

15. If you have forms, make sure they are the default 500kb components

Think of default components as the oompa loompa’s in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. You don’t want them to go without a job do you?

16. If animating, always use at least fifteen flashes

KA POW! KA BLAM! It’s just like being in a Batman movie… and we all want to be in a Batman movie.

17. Use as many transitions as you can between content

Every time I see the text float in from the right or the left it makes me want to use Microsoft PowerPoint. And no-one should think of using Microsoft PowerPoint.

18. When tracing bitmaps, always leave the original source files to increase size

Small file size? That’s just for amateurs.

19. Make sure any music tracks aren’t compressed

It adds to that loading time, which gives us time to exercise our eyelids.

20. Music should always start over again when we switch page

“Check, check, check it out”. That pause was intentional and adds to the song – yours just ruins the site and your user’s opinion of the music being played.

21. And finally… make sure there’s very little point to you building your site in Flash

Make it look just like a normal site. Really surprise that user with the 15 minute techno remix of MC Hammer’s “Can’t touch this” when they first click a link. Even better, wait for them to let their guard down and show that video of you dancing to the latest Britney Spears CD in your underwear.

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  1. Figgy

    Lmao, so true. :D

  2. Gukk

    Nice one! All you have listed is exactly what I hate of flash sites. Although, there are some really nicely done websites, even though it takes ages to load up. But, what I believe is Flash one day will overwhelm the Internet market with expanded broadband connection.

  3. Mooey

    Great list but do me a favour, dont look at my site [runs away in embarresment]

    The list reads like the 10 commandments, you should do a 3D version on a tablet of stone.

  4. Donna

    Quoting Jay:

    I’m not a fan of “Flash based” sites and the main reason for that is barely no-one does them properly.


    That’s the funniest part of your list, open your eyes Jay lol you think Companies pay $40,000 plus for something not done properly??

    2advanced would get a great chuckle from this actually the entire Flash Community will lol

  5. Jay

    Barely anyone doing them properly means that few do get it right, not nobody.

    And yes – companies will pay $40,000 for something not done properly, it’s the sad reality of the internet i’m afraid :)

  6. Jay

    Dan that would up to you, every site is a piece of your portfolio and it’s your choice on how much effort you put into it.

    It can be ‘just another site’ or it can be something you want to put in your portfolio at the end of it.

  7. Anders

    Hmm… good list, sounds like you’ve encountered many bad sites. I wonder how bad mine is?

  8. jon

    the list is decent, but the overt amount of sarcasm really ruins the experience of your blog. sarcasm is very clever in moderation. but when you soak sentence knee-deep with sarcastic comments, you just sound like a really mean and bitter person.

  9. Jay

    I assure you Jon that this list is written in humour and is actually aimed at helping people build better Flash sites.

    It may sound bitter yes and the bitterness comes from constantly seeing badly done Flash based websites. The article is written as if it was a person making out a list of features they hate seeing constantly around Flash based websites and should be judged as this.

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  11. Jack

    Circles…? Bad buttons…? How…?

  12. Jay

    Jack – I added this as I felt that that circular buttons rarely ever ‘flow’ with a design. They normally stick out like a sore thumb amongst a box based layout and that’s why they were added.

  13. Blink

    lol… The last one is a completely unfounded opinion, without any reasoning.

    Like someone said before, sarcasm ruined this blog for me.

    This post is full of contradictions and bad grammar.

  14. Jay

    The last one was added because of the rare glimpse of that site that looks exactly like a normal site (normal elements, standard fonts, standard graphcis, standard layout) but is built in Flash.

    I constructed this list asking for items from Flash developers I know personally and the list is formed accordingly.

    Don’t let one item you don’t agree with ruin the article and your comment.

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  16. Duuuudeeeee

    lol at this, i find it funny because i’ve seen alot of nice flash websites with a good amount of rollovers, preloaders (not with kb and sec time) and what not. but i do agree with the same music reloading on the next page, and all the roundness.

  17. Frikandel

    I LOVE IT!! gonna try it out right away :))

  18. seymian

    I agree with that list, its really funny and deadly true at the same point.
    The most irritating thing in flash sites is that i really cant use mouse wheel, or other mouse navigators. i hate that kind of unnecessary ‘everything is moving and flashing yeee and there is some really shit techno music in background’ philosophy.
    If there is any music on a website lets rock’n’roll ’em!
    the colorless awful techno is not only irritating, but gives a very description of the company who the website belong, that ‘i’m not the choice u’re seeking, go away! my all-moving website kicks u out if you dont like it!’

  19. Megan

    As a graphic design student, I agree wholeheartedly with this list. One of the main reasons is because I suck at flash, but oh well. They throw the program at you and expect to create masterpieces. I don’t see why all sites have to be flash, but that’s just my opinion. *shrug*

  20. Jesse

    haha, I love this. I did this before ;(

  21. Fuel

    I agree with the preloading part, it’s a real pain waiting for almost 20minutes for a site to load, and it’s not even good.

  22. Switch

    This is my new referece. I can think of about 30 sites that break 22 of of these 21 rules.

  23. Plinker

    you just described my site to every last detail :(

  24. Nik

    “23. Fuel wrote on March 12, 2006 at 5:35 am:

    I agree with the pre-loading part, it’s a real pain waiting for almost 20minutes for a site to load, and it’s not even good.”

    I can’t believe you sit around watching 20 minute pre-loaders….

  25. Werdna

    Haha thats such a good list……….really true.

    I like flash, it can be a good addition to a site, but to make an ENTIRE site out of flash… i don’t see the point unless your trying to do something you can’t do otherwise!

    And “doing slide-type animations between pages” doesn’t count, coz it’s another really annoying flash trait.

    Btw, Anders, your site’s pretty cool. Nice and quick and effective.

    Werdna xx

  26. Joe

    So, so very true. With you one hundred percent.

  27. molotof

    That’s cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool , keep up the good work…

  28. Kid

    that 1st way I know exactly what site you are making fun of.

  29. Jay

    Kid – I’m not pointing the finger directly at anyone, this is just a general set of points I’ve put together that apply to a mass amount of Flash sites out there that could be better than they are :)

  30. Edgar

    Wow! What a great list, I’ll be sure to keep these in mind when I make my next flash site.

  31. tolly

    What can i say? You right with the points and i hate seeing this stuff on pages but thing is some of users dont know how to avoid stuff like this.

    Example: I don’t know and cant find action script for pop up window so my web will not be eversized

    Flash is web sites future

  32. Bob

    SOME of the points you said are true and should try to be avoided however personally i think the whole “21 ways to make your flash based website suck” is just a way for geeks to create more and more pointless internet etiquettes. Whenever i create something for the internet in flash i always think ‘hmm what would people who know nothing about computers think about this’. I’m not particularly good at flash but i know what users want which is reflected in my positive feedback.

    Preloaders are a necessity for some animations, as long as the loading times not too long then i don’t see the problem. People aren’t gonna sit there in front of a blank box with no knowledge of how far its loaded or how long it will take to load

    Flash websites are just a way of exceeding the bounds of dynamic html. People like to see flashy effects and animations, and nowadays with broadband that’s not a problem.

    Heres where i implemented my flash Its not very complex but i’m sure some of you geeks would want to judge it.

  33. Jay

    Bob – I never say that preloaders aren’t a neccesity, I simply point out that preloading everything at once is somewhat pointless on some sites (for example ones with 500kb per page sites)

    Also, pointing out something and saying “i’m sure some of you geeks would want to judge it” isn’t exactly asking for a nice response. From a 16 year old I would exactly expect much better. Kid’s these days..

  34. Bob

    Though my point is, you wrote that with the impression of mocking flash designers with some points that have no real justification, like the circles for buttons one, why should that matter as long as it goes with the genral look and design of the page!?

    It was just my way of encouraging a whole-hearted response, with healthy criticisms.

    Don’t patronise me either.

  35. Greg

    Certain points of “21 ways…” are very valid, I am an owner of a multimedia company and I design in flash as well as html. Flash like any other marketing medium has good and bad sites, to catagorize “flash sites” as “flashy” overdone animations would be an uneducated observation. Its all too often that I see html designers and flash designers butting heads, when in actuality if they were any good at either they would realize that in order to produce any real effective website you must understand and have skills in both mediums, its called MULTImedeia for a reason.

  36. The Moppit

    There are actually proffesionals that use flash to make websites? Not just the flashing ‘things’ that everyone else makes with flash?!?!

    Nearly every good website that uses flash I have seen just use it for the navbar to do subtle mouse overs which are very neat. Unlike the flashing hells that the drones of people with cracked copys of flash produce!

    Anyway, a rather amusing way of ranting about these sites! I certainly enjoyed reading this.

  37. petern

    bob shut up


    hi!gud day,thanks for having a site like this for free it help alot, for example a beginner like me.

  39. Dragon Water

    I strongly agree with your views here. Way too many people use flash just to use it. Many things I see done in flash can be done very simply in DHTML.

  40. Candace Helm

    The only rule I really dont agree with is the last one. Not everyone starts out using Flash and is an expert. How are you supposed to learn if you dont practice? Even if that means that the site you design could have been done in HTML etc. that doesnt mean you want to learn every method available to design websites. Personally I want to get better at Flash so I spent my time designing my site in flash even though every element doesn’t necessarily warrant using flash. Its still a good site and if someone viewing it doesnt have a flashplayer they are the lame ones, not me.

  41. Jay

    “So here’s a list of 21 ways to make your Flash based site suck, so that the next time you build a Flash based site you can really hit that nail on the head.”

    This is what you call sarcasm :)

    The list is meant to guide you towards bettering yourself as Flash website creators, not make fun of you.

  42. Alex

    rofl.. this is the most understandbile written sarcasm on the web O.o u really nailed it!
    ty for the laughter and u might want to add the new “active-x” problem there as well :P

    cheers and ty for the good laughter! made my day..

  43. Sammy

    I think this list is only for some cheap laughts. Because crappy browser developers aren’t able to code working and standart using browsers, the only way to make your site look as it was intented is to use flash, it’s sad. I really prefer sites not using flash, but as a coder I every day face problems getting layouts to work with different browsers.

  44. Sergio

    Great list. Lots of great points made throughout the comments as well. The sad state of the Web (and offline as well) today is that there are far too many hacks who just plunk around in various design programs and think that because their friends enjoy the overused filters and blinking buttons that it’s all good design. No one cares to learn about usability – let alone actually APLLY it. Most companies fall prey to “Shiny Object Syndrome” and will gladly throw money away at what they like and not what they NEED. Unfortunately, like anything else, it always comes down to the varied opinions of the user whether it be a casual surfer or a developer guru and common ground becomes nearly unattainable.

  45. Sean

    Oh my god… You forgot to mention the wonderfully clashing color schemes… Or does that fall under the oompa loompa part? :)

  46. Kyle

    I both agree and disagree. In 95% of web projects, an all-Flash architecture is inappropriate. However, sometimes the client will directly ask for it. Other times, it’s really just a judgement call.

    For example, you’ll see a lot of all-Flash websites designed for the entertainment industry, many of which don’t break any of these rules (except for #13). However, an official site for a movie or a band needs to create an atmosphere, not just provide information. In a case like that, go for it.

    Great article, though. I love #3, that drives me up the wall. :)

  47. Ayinde

    Most of these mistakes are ones made by amateurs and some “professionals” who really don’t have a full grasp of how to use the software. Large file sizes are mostly from poorly compressed music emmbedded in the project when it could be streamed using actionscript which alot of people shy away from learning. Effective use of actionscript would cut down on alot as far as file size in general not just with music.

    Rollovers aren’t going anywhere, they exist in basic HTML you just don’t pay attention to them. Hard to screw this one up, but occasionally I have seen some horrid ones.

    I think sites done entirely in Flash are ok as long as they are properly designed, many people just don’t sit down and put any forethought into it, they just slap some crap on the stage do some tweens and think they have a site. Also, they work when clients want something that would be very difficult to properly implement do to cross browser compatability issues. Often times one will find that IE doesn’t support alot of features causing us developers a major headache esp. in regards to using CSS. This is my main reason for my favoritism of Flash, after many long nights at my computer cursing Microsoft. Yet, I will agree that it is not suitable for all projects.

  48. paddy

    Nice…nail on the head! The problem with Flash is that it is easy–any idiot can make a site, and therefore every idiot does.

    And now they have started the fantastic, amazing system of making every new release of Flash Player every so slightly incompatiable with the previous one. Hurrah for Macromedia (or Adobe, or whose fault is it these days…)?

  49. Ryan

    Well done, many of your points are valid. Although I am in the process of making a 100% flash site, I definitely take into consideration the overzealous use of rollovers, flashy batman effects, and the dreaded splash screens and intros (which I personally hate, because really, does ANYONE watch those?). Even though I do paln to make it a very visually appealing site, I’m not going to make it a friggin’ eye-rape of uber images. But overall, very funny list bro, the sarcasm is great, I’m a very sarcastic person myself, so this kind of stuff is awesome. Make a list of “How to make your HTML Based site suck”…I’ll start:

    1.) Don’t use iframes and make people reload every single image in your navbar and your 1.5 meg Header that’s in 150% quality straight out of photoshop

  50. Glenn

    Here’s another one. Most search engines do not pick up content from within flash. If you make your entire site in Flash and keep all of the content inside the swf file, you’re commiting search engine suicide!

  51. Hary

    well done, this list gave me a good laugh.

    im so sick of idiots using distracting and repetitive flashing animations in flash (and html),

    reminds me of when i was at school and the teacher marked me down on presentation because i didnt have any crappy animations or transitions (even though they were innappropriate to the subject, as if its an EXPECTED thing to have them if you are using powerpoint)
    so sad.

    thanks, hary.

  52. Werdna

    That’s a pretty good analysis of sucky flash sites.
    A xx

  53. nick

    Jay- Valid points. I just started playing around with flash a few weeks ago. I was wondering if you could post a link to the sites you’ve built. A demonstration of how flash should be used would be appreciated.


  54. Murphy

    Hehe, I like the sarcasm

  55. Setheus

    Nice list!
    Totally got most of the fouls and mistakes of most of the Flash sites. What I don’t understand, is why people does “Flash” animated sites, when they’re all the same as static sites? For example no good anims, nothing special, and even it works like every other static site.

    Just hang on and don’t let anyone convince you, that you are not right about these things!


  56. SomeDude

    maybe cuz they like the flash tools betta, eh?

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  58. ScaR

    WOW, i think someone needs a Hug, but yea Flash should only be used if you have some experience with it.

  59. Class

    lol nice list man, a little biast but thats okay. I truly love flash sites, but what you list is very true for those little annoyances. HOWEVER flash sites let a designer enter a whole new 3D animated world that can be presented to you the user in unique and abstract ways. I’ve been doing flash for 3 years now and one thing I tell everyone, and quote me on this!

    ” If your going to do a 100% based flash site, then please offer the viewer an alternative 100% XHTML based site ”

    This way the viewer gets what he wants depending on his / her preferences. And for the love of god, please make your XHTML pages Strict! Hell if you can make it so it’s handi-accesible such as screen readers and .swf movie subtitles.W3C will love you for it! :)

  60. White_Devil

    Hahaha, nice one. Just love it!!

  61. Rick

    I agree with you about flash being a pain in the ass, and there are several that are done wrong.
    The problem is, as a graphic design student, and getting my degree in animation, they require you to use flash to build your portfolios. It is much easier to put on a disc and give out to potential employers than an html page.
    But in reality, you can do pretty much everything you can do in flash on an html page, but doing it in flash just makes it harder for idiots to try and steal your work and claim it as their own. So I am going with flash, which will hopefully be up in the next few days…~crosses my fingers~ my first site, I will admit, did suck. LOL

  62. Captninsano

    LOL, you forgot one thing: Don’t embed the flash-app in a HTML page at all, just redirect the user to the .swf file.

  63. jacob

    Hahaha, awesome:) Funny, but true..

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  65. zg

    #22: Make a flash-based site.

  66. Gill

    I like the sentence of Rick : “but doing it in flash just makes it harder for idiots to try and steal your work and claim it as their own”. And by the way, I am using flash, and it has put bread and wine on my table as well as beautifull women in my bed…Beeing a flash star is really really great ! I like html and I have nothing against CSS by the way !

  67. Tom

    Great ^^
    I miss some more things though!

    – Add lots of loud and crappy music
    We all like music don’t we?

    – Give every mousover a blip sound, especially when you can’t click on it.
    What’s a web site without sound?

    – Make it load every single page on the site, and preferably give them all different music to enjoy us with your loading bar a little longer!

  68. Tobald

    All true, but not really funny… I mean, that’s like throwing some cheap happy slapping video where you and the victim are really acting and we can all see it. It’s just too obvious, can’t drive that much laughing. If anyone is stupid enough to follow more than one of your “how-to-make-my-web-suck” standards, then god have mercy on their souls. And flash based websites are gay btw.

  69. Ken

    Nicely done and spot on! Keep up the good work. :)

  70. Foleor

    Yay my site fits pervectly!!!!

  71. Oliver

    This is just what I’ve been looking for!

    I’ve never made an entirely flash website before, I’ve considered it, but always thought: But what if it doesn’t suck enough?

    Now, with the help of your guide, I’ll be able to build sites that suck just as much as the many corporate flash based sites out there.

    Thank you!

  72. Ludde

    Nice..many things are true. Can’t get it why you blame roll-overs while you use it yourself though. I nice flash-site I like is “www.detektivbyran.net” even if the music starts over when you change page, heh heh.

  73. skelta

    why can’t we go back to web 0.0001 beta when content was King. I curse the day when you could start embeding images!!!!!!!!

  74. ioulian

    Ok, sorry, but I think you’re just jalous to that renders on the splash page, and nice animations. Yea, 50% of what you’re saying is true, there are much n00bs in this WWW but there are very nice flashsites.

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  76. Jonny

    Shouldn’t you have made this page in flash?

  77. sciro

    thank you, thank you… someone who knows what he’s fucking talking about.

  78. D.E.C.

    rofl.. PWNed to all the n00b designers that do this.. :)) Nice job!

  79. larry murrah

    Here is my Flash site. How much does this suck? It’s my first, so I’m sure it needs some improvement. Let me know… you should see my former employer’s site. It’s a disaster. They never even consulted me. “Oh, he just does 3D, he doesn’t know the web.” Freakin’ morons. I know enough about Dreamweaver not to fuck things this bad,

  80. Alpha Male

    Why would I want my website to suck in 21 different ways?

  81. Kramp1502

    I’d agree in some respects. I use flash daily for my job, & the truth is that there are some poorly created full flash sites on the net. I’d disagree that it’s easy to learn though & i think that is the problem – it’s easy to learn how to do things badly in flash, & there’s a much more steep learning curve to learning how to create a fluid, interactive site, which requires a good knowledge of actionscript – my first flash sites were poor in comparison to the work that i produce now.

    I’d say to anyone who does intend to build a full flash site – get some books first, look around the net for good tutorials – get some experience with the software first, try to keep your file size down, or load your movies in parts –
    try some imaginative pre loaders to keep the viewer interested. take a look at sites like thefwa.com for how to use flash properly.

    Use the forums that are available for flash to get good advice, & they are also good for feedback on your design before unleashing on the world.

    Flash has a major part to play on the web now & in the future, & used well it can & does make the user experience rich & entertaining.

    Used badly, it make people want to go to someone else’s site.

  82. Ubbe

    IMO this seems more like another go with the whole “flash is so sucky and far to flashy” wave that’s been going, seems more to me that it is a popular opinion, and that many people agree just because of that.

    Personally i find that flash opens many more bounderies, and i also think that just because “noobs” make the mistakes you have mentioned here is not equivilant to all flash sites being like this.

    It’s like me ranting at all html sites for using tables, iframes, insted of etc etc. Yes some people might do this, but never the less this does not seem as a valid point or argument against the use of html.

    It’s a bit like saying, if we have freedom of speech, some people might abuse it and go on and offend everybody when they get the chance, therefore nobody should be allowed to say anything.

  83. Ubbe

    hmm that messed up a bit as the tags i posted seemed to be removed – for format reasons i guess.

  84. Atarii

    Revolution!.. flash is kewl.. everybody has their own flavour right? :).. if you just look for entertainment flash rules.. if you look for information flash sucks and is a waste of time..

  85. hairyman

    dont forget, when your using a flash website 99% of the time the back and forward in youir browser wont work at all, instead taking you back to the last Non-flash page you visited, forcing you to reenter and go through THE ENTIRE EXPERIANCE again, but when your site looks that good they should be thanking you, not moaning about the poor design right?….

  86. Ramon

    Flash is evil, I curse when I have to enter a flash site, for 99% of the sites I have seen are anti-ergonomic and non-userfriendly.

    – Flash sites with tiny matchbox size windows that can not be resized and with matching miniature text that is barely readable (leaving the rest of your big screen unused)
    – Flash sites where you can not make a printout of not even the contact page
    – Flash sites where you have to manually copy even the email to write to the site owner
    – Flash sites with automatic music enabled (kill… kill…)
    – Flash sites with cumbersome navigation
    – Flash sites with stupid timewaster animations everywhere
    – Flash sites that garble information that needs to be printed out (Manuals, Reference Books) displayed as Flash instead of for example print friendly PDF.

    If I buy a book I want to read its content and not endlessly admire its bindings.

    What I want from a regular website: “get in”, “find it fast”, “order, buy, print-out, copy, etc. it”, “get out”, thank you very much.

  87. Alex

    I can see that you really hate Flash, let’s try to be professional when we make statements about flash. First of all not all flash sites suck as not all HTML sites suck. I agree that 100% pure web pages can’t be properly optimized for search engines.

    My flash sites don’t go over 300kb because i optimize them as much as i can, i rarely use sounds and i try to keep the graphics to a minimal, i do excel at animations and i know that these are the spice to the web page.

    Flash pages aren’t all that bad you just turned them in to that, i could make a post with “21 ways (make that 999 ways) to make your HTML web page suck”, but that doesn’t prove a thing. I hate designers that ruin flash because they are too stupid to optimize, i hate graphic designers that don’t know a clue about design, i hate HTML coders that make the code so big and that load every script in the first HTML file only because they don’t know how to separate css and js from the HTML, i hate a lot of things.

    The truth is that there are good and bad web pages and you shouldn’t hit Flash Web Pages, you should instead discuss about the people that make them, flash web pages aren’t bad, stupid people that don’t know how to use flash and pretend to be allknowing should be shot.

    With respect, Alex

  88. Dan

    Thanks for the list Jay. I’ll use this as a rubric for my next flash site to keep it original.

  89. andy

    I did notice that something was left out.
    Every single internet browser from webtv to the $30 pre-paid cell phone, to the worst internet explorer, written in the last 20 years have 3 things in common:
    they have a back button
    they have a stop button
    they have a refresh button
    (google it)
    Now that we know that every browser written in the last 20 years has these standard buttons, would one assume that by reviewing the history, that they are important to have, and if so, what is the reasoning behind this?
    To me, of course they are important, because it helps in navigating the internet. When some poor shlub decides that ‘flash is fun to use’, they tell every browser coder for the last 20 years, that they have no idea what they are doing when they wrote the programs!
    Why would anyone who has a brain, make a website where the basic functions of every browser are worthless?

    To alex.
    Your post shows exactly what jamie was saying.
    “… i do excel at animations and i know that these are the spice to the web page.”
    You are the ONLY ONE who thinks animations ‘spice’ up a website. They dont, they simply slow down the navigation. Why do i want to sit through 10 seconds of animations to get to something?
    You are exactly what is wrong with flash programmers. You think its neat and fun, but everyone visiting your site cannot stand it.

  90. Awesome

    I know the original post for this thread is 3 years old, however…after reading through the origninal post and numerous comments, I just have to add my 2 cents….

    To all the people making flash websites (even though they suck) please, please continue…the reason I say this is:

    (1) You learn a lot from your mistakes more so then your success’s
    (2) If the future of the internet remains HTML, I am going to go back to watching TV
    (3) How are we going to get to a virtual reality intenet system (you know like in Johhny Nemonic), without a flash foundation to start on, HTML just ain’t going to cut it…

    Something to think about when you have a nice buzz…your welcome

  91. Ricardo Pedri

    Amazing post. And don’t worry dude, your sarcasm is really fun :)

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  94. yoochild (yoochild)

    @kg4giy I use to hate Flash passionately. Now I just hate designers that make Flash based sites. http://tinyurl.com/lr56gf

  95. Kixeria

    Thanks! This would serve as a good guide for me. Its like a list of Deady Sins in building a Flash based site.

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