A Selection Of The Worst Written PHP Tutorials Ever…

Yes thats right, here’s my selection of some of the worst PHP tutorials i’ve seen submitted to Pixel2Life, ever.

Note: These tutorials where NOT accepted to Pixel2Life and are NOT a representation of what the actual content on Pixel2Life, just a representation of the crap people like to think is worthy of being called a tutorial…

A tutorial on PHP commenting:

Heres how to comment using PHP
1. Using //
2. Using /* and */
3. Using #

(Yes, that was it…)

Starting your first ever PHP file:

When I first started coding in PHP it was really tough but now i’m uber l33t man. Now heres how to start your first PHP file:

print ‘hello world’;

Look forward to more uber tutorials!

THE BEST EVER PHP includes tutorial

To use includes simply include the following your page:
<?php include($page); ?>

Now use the following to automatically set this include:

(Maybe I should use a root include and ruin your server? :)

And the best submitted tutorial ever…

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In closing, please when learning includes and echo’ing in PHP please do not think you are ready to write tutorials on how to use PHP.

4 Responses

  1. The Moppit

    “Sorry you must be registered to view this forum”

    Wow, I just learnt so much!

    Hehehe, I hate it when that happens. How stupid can some poeple get…

    There really are some rather amusing tutorials submitted to Pixel2life!

  2. Kevin

    I couldn’t stop laughing when I read those, I’m learning php and MYSQL and those are just funny, I mean people should think before they submit…

  3. .Zetrom

    People need brains, and it seems everyone who submits retarded tutorials like this has lost theirs…we must start a quest to help them find it!

  4. HelloWorlder

    Hehe…try this one:

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