Announcing Magento 1.3: PHP Developer’s Guide

Magento 1.3: PHP Developer's Guide book coverToday I’m happy beyond belief to announce the release of my first book, Magento 1.3: PHP Developer’s Guide published through local Midlands based book publisher PackT Publishing.

I’ve been a heavy user of Magento ever since it was in the very early releases and have launched every e-commerce site I’ve done since it was made available in the software. Magento has, in my opinion, set the standard for open source e-commerce on the web since its very first release.

The book is packed full of development focused chapters that will lead you through core aspects of Magento development, each of which you’ll use when working with Magento at one time or another. Head on over to the book’s website to learn more.

Here’s just a highlight of the topics covered in the book:

  • Install and upgrade Magento to get ready for development
  • Get familiar with the architecture and internal structure of Magento
  • Learn about the best modules available and what they can do for you out of the box
  • Build a Shipping module for your Magento store to give users options for receiving their items once they have paid for them
  • Create a payment method for Magento and the various aspects that go together to complete the payment process
  • Speed up your module creation process using the Module Creator script
  • Build a basic brand-management module for Magento to manage brands and display their details
  • Integrate your favourite CMS into Magento including a walkthrough of integrating WordPress into Magento
  • Create, update, delete, and retrieve customer data from within Magento by implementing the customer API
  • Integrate Magento data into an existing external web application or script using the Magento Core API
  • Import/export files to retrieve and store information from and to external sources using Excel Spreadsheet or CSV data

What to learn more? Head on over to the Magento 1.3: PHP Developer’s Guide official website, the book is available to ship from today.

The book’s website will be updated with new distributor’s once they become available. Please follow me on Twitter for future updates.

5 Responses

  1. Chris

    Good work fella!

  2. Volkr

    Congratulations. I’m new to Magento and just began to work in an eCommerce company based on it. So I’m looking forward to dive in deeper to the ground of Magento knowlege with your book…

  3. Redstage

    It’s always great to see another excellent resource hit the shelves. The more experts we can create out there, the bigger and better the Magento community will grow, and the the number of available extensions will also benefit greatly. From a developer’s standpoint, this all benefits the client at the end of the day so… Congrats! I’m glad to see that this book in available! Thank you!

  4. Alex Peeples

    Nice work! ))

  5. Johan Oleg

    Nice work!

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