Don’t call it a comeback

Three years ago I stopped blogging and I haven’t written anything outside of Twitter or Facebook since. Three years ago I had just published my first book and had announced that 2010 would be the ‘year of freelance’ after leaving my previous employer who had taught me to hate the web. I got to the point where I love what I do again and was looking forward to what was to come.

The three years since I made the decision to leave have been the best of my life. Here’s a high-level highlight reel:

  • I married Vicky, my girlfriend (and best-friend) of eight-years
  • I spent six months longer working ‘officially unemployed’ as a freelancer
  • I saw my book break all sorts of records for an eCommerce (and Magento) book
  • I created, managed and trained remote teams of developers and designers for projects
  • I broke away from freelancing and founded JH as my own agency
  • We grew to sixteen people, consisting of some of the most talented, heroic people there are
  • We became a Magento Solution Partner, and became very well known for excellent work all round
  • We sponsored fantastic events like New Adventures Conference and Magento Developers Paradise
  • I got to work with numerous people on my ‘bucket list’ of dream clients

I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve also missed posting up my thoughts and putting those stories along the way online to help others learn from mistakes learned. That’s why i’ve got the site back online, so expect more posts in the future.

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